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The Exterra Century
Humanity builds colonies in space where they live alongside Animos (AI robots), changing the concept of labor forever. Constructing neighborhoods in the infinite expanse of space, humanity has brought about a world in which the scarcity of land is nonexistent and people are not bound to the place where they were born.

Players are free to migrate between the colonies of various political structures created by other players, and to eventually found their own and attract other players!

【Integral Gameplay】
Results from quests completed by individual players will affect their resident colony's finances, the progress of colonial facility construction, and the progress of colony battles. High-level players and beginners alike can help contribute to their colonies. Would you prefer to join a colony with a only few high-level players? Or would a colony with a large and varied population suit you better? Unlike in games where players form parties to tackle quests, there is no need for new players to have any reservations about playing alongside high-level players.

【Collect and Upgrade Animos!】
Players will upgrade their Animos (autonomous AI robots) and take on quests. There are different kinds of Animos of various shapes and sizes, including those specialized for fields like combat, production, or mining. Players can upgrade and evolve their Animos as they see fit.

【Challenge a Variety of Quests!】
Quests aren't limited to battles. There is a wide of variety of quests available for you to challenge, including energy-harvesting production quests, construction quests to construct or level up facilities, and asteroid mining quests. There are Animos that are specialized for each field, so players can upgrade their Animos to suit their needs.

【Managing Colonies】
Types of colonial political systems currently include democracies, which allow colony commands to be decided by way of a majority vote, and monarchies, in which the leader player (either the founder of the colony or their successor) makes all decisions independently. There are plans to include more types of governing systems in the future.

【Colonial War Battles】
When colonies declare war against each other, colonial war will break out. Take on as many battle quests as you can to attack your opponent's colony and achieve victory for your own, either by bringing the enemy's HP down to 0 or by dealing more damage than you received within a 24-hour period.

There are infinite ways to enjoy the game!
What would your ideal world look like?

UNITE across the UNIVERSE to find your own UNIQUE UTOPIA!


This is a free-to-play app.
*In-app purchases available.

*We cannot guarantee compatibility with devices other than the recommended.
*We do not guarantee functionality on all devices.
*It is recommended that you play in an environment with a stable network connection.
*Compatible devices/recommended environment may change with future updates.
*Current state established as of 4/26/2019.

Please read the Terms of Service before use.

Terms of Service: https://unitopia.space/en/terms/
Privacy Policy: https://unitopia.space/en/privacy/

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