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Boogie Software Oy has released the very best game called RECS. We can play it immediately from our Ios and Android device. However, to play this game you should know that in-app purchase is important that is why we love to share this tool for you to give everything free without any limit. Now, let's play this House & Home game. We hope everyone enjoy this stuff.
You do not need to download our RECS MOD APK in order to use it. All you need to do is to integrate your mail and your device should be ready to use.

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App size: 20.5 MB
Available Language:
  • English
  • Finnish
  • Japanese
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About RECS

** NEW **
- Snap and edit your photos using RECS filters
- Quick sharing of the recorded video (option)
- Lots of improvements, optimizations and fixes

RECS™ is a photo- and movie filming app that captures the video and sound through audio-visual filters. Filters vary from old black & white film via Moon landing TV broadcasts to 1980's computer graphics. Easy sharing to Facebook and YouTube and email. Full version includes 24 amazing filters (see list below).


RECS shows the filtered video when you shoot it, in real-time - no extra waiting. Just select a theme and start recording! You can adjust the picture parameters easily in the recording screen.


Process your existing photos and videos using RECS filters!


In addition to video RECS crunches the sound to an authentic form. Hiss, cracks, pops, space beeps - try shoot a video with 'Moon 1969' and be amazed!


Share your photos and movies using RECS™ or using device Photos app.

Within RECS™ app you can,

* Upload to Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, Flickr and more
* Send movies using AirDrop, iMessage and Email


* Pinhole Film 1893 - Time Machine way back in time
* Wild West 1899 - Vintage Western Film
* New York 1905 - Vintage Black & White Film
* Hollywood 1929 - TECHNICOLOR™ of 1920s
* Chicago 1938 - TECHNICOLOR™ of 1930s
* Montreal Sun 1945 - 1940s color movie with warm sepia tone
* London 1956 - Black & White TV
* Noir 1947 - Noir Film Visual Style
* San Francisco 1964 - Low Color 1960s 8mm Film
* Paris 1978 - Low Color 1970s 8mm Film
* Moon 1969 - Black & White Moon TV broadcast
* Moon 1972 - Color Moon TV broadcast
* Mars 1976 - Color Mars TV broadcast
* 1981 Pola - Instant Camera fun with moving picture
* VHS Video 1984 - VHS Tape Playback
* Toy-Cam 1987 - My First Cam from late 1980s
* The Matrix - The Matrix Camera
* TeleText - TeleText themed camera
* LED Scoreboard - Stadium Camera
* Halftone 1970 - Single color cartoon coloring
* 1970s & 1980s Home Computer Cameras
** Commodore 64 (C-64) Home Computer
** Apple II Computer
** ZX Spectrum Computer
** VIC-20 Home Computer
** BBC Micro Computer

Compatible with,
- iPhone 5s and newer
- iPod Touch 4th Generation and newer
- iPad 2 and newer
- iPad Mini 2 and newer

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