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People love to play Perspective in 2021 due to this one is the best Puzzle game ever. Almost million downloads from this game and the rating for Perspective is truly high. You can play both on Ios and Android. We really hope you can check out our hack tool where you could get in-app purchase in to your account then play Perspective easier than before.
You do not need to download our Perspective MOD APK in order to use it. All you need to do is to integrate your mail and your device should be ready to use.

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About Perspective

Perspective. Where Data meets Story


My default presentation tool...
A brilliant piece of software —Ben Bajarin, Analyst, Tech.pinions

Hell of a good demo —John Gruber, Author, Daring Fireball

Post-Powerpoint storytelling with data —Charles Arthur, 
Technology Editor, The Guardian 

A feat of data visualization and data storytelling —Ryan Singer, Designer, Basecamp

Some of the exciting new tools for productivity… —Steven Sinofsky
, Partner, Andreessen Horowitz a16z


Bring your stories to life
Go beyond slideware, bring your data to life and breathe fresh life into your presentations.

Ideas in Motion
Stop boring your audience with bullet points. Engage them. Use touch gestures to reveal data, zoom in to focus, or highlight key data points.

Create a Conversation
Show, Don't tell. Presenting with Perspective is more like having a conversation enhanced by data as opposed to a "pitch".

No Data Left Behind
Bring all your data: slides, spreadsheets, images, PDFs, cloud data, video.

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