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The more you play MazeSS3 By Unity-Chan, the more you get fun in your life. This game has been downloaded over million users and keep counting all the time. You can play this game either in easy or hard way. We now have provided it for you here. All you need to do is to check out this one and also thank you for YUJI HASEBE to create such as a great game to go.
You do not need to download our MazeSS3 by Unity-Chan MOD APK in order to use it. All you need to do is to integrate your mail and your device should be ready to use.

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About MazeSS3 by Unity-Chan

MazeSS3 by Unity-Chan is a 3D game in which Unity-Chan, who made it to the maze in the Sky, faces difficult obstacles and finds the gold goddess.

Demo Movie:


Level 1 (Free)
Simple game with barriers and 3 types of virus. When you hit the virus, your life decreases.

Level 1B (Free)
Besides barriers and 3 types of virus, a warp-field and rotating obstacle will appear.

Level 1C (Free)
added land mines besides barriers and 3 types of virus.

Level 2 (Paid)
Besides barriers and 3 types of virus, opening-closing obstacles, rotating obstacles and fire will appear individually. When you hit the obstacles, your life decreases.

Level 3 - 5 (Paid)
Barriers, 3 types of virus and other obstacles will appear in a complex manner in 10 different patterns.

Level 6 (Paid)
Besides barriers and 3 types of virus, other obstacles and a warp-field have been added.

Level 7 - 11 (Paid)
added land mines besides barriers, 3 types of virus and other obstacles.

Level 12 - 13 (Paid)
Added stairs. Now you can enjoy the game in three dimensions.


When you complete the STAGE 1, you can get Life+50 for free.
Note: Once you delete the application, Life+50 will be also deleted and won't be restored.

Added Valentine’s Day Special (Free).

Notes: Default life level is 100. One at time, you can purchase either +10, +50, +100, +150, or +200.
If you purchase everything, the maximum life level becomes 610.



- Start button (START)
- Volume adjustment (Volume Control)
- Menu button (MENU)
- Shop button (SHOP)
- Restore button/Purchase button/Play button
- Select Level screen
- Select Stage screen
- Check mark for the completed stages
- Life bar
- Joy stick/Jump button
- Quit button
- Shows ads

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