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Can you love playing Logis Tycoon? However it is really hard to play? You have to struggle while playing this game but alternatively you can check out our tool. This one would support Ios and Android. No matter what version, it works like a charm. Do maybe not feel this is the end of your time. Playing Logis Tycoon would be easy right away.
You do not need to download our Logis Tycoon MOD APK in order to use it. All you need to do is to integrate your mail and your device should be ready to use.

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About Logis Tycoon

Take control of global logistics!

Become the owner of a logistics company delivering friendly and precise service to cities around the world.
Fulfill a city's delivery request using the trucks collected by you.
Build up more experience points in order to perform a variety of requests.

* Freight transport system
- Freight is first collected at a distribution center, then transported to each city.

* Distribution center setup
- A distribution center can be set up in an opened city.
- A city having a distribution center is a main logistics center, and surrounding cities' freight will be gathered in the city.
- Distribution centers can serve as a stepping stone to delivering long distances.
- Therefore, distribution centers should be strategically placed in order to complete deliveries more easily.
- Goods may be moved from one distribution center to another when they cannot be delivered at once to a certain location.

* Distribution center garage upgrade
- Upgrade your distribution center's garage in order to deploy more trucks.

* Distribution center warehouse upgrade
- You can upgrade the amount of freight that can be stored in a distribution center.

* Truck upgrade
- Engine, chassis, and fuel tank of each truck can be upgraded.
- Truck attributes can be upgraded using parts..
- When you upgrade a truck, it can make freight transported faster and farther.

This game doesn't require internet connection. You can play on offline.

- When playing the game while logging in to G+, data will be saved on G+.
- Later, when you newly install the app, log in to G+ again and reload your saved data.
- If you delete the app without logging in to G+, all data will be deleted.
- We do not collect any of your personal data.

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