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About Job Estimator App

The Job Estimator mobile app is designed to provide professional Estimates in minutes.

The Job Estimate form allows contractors, service companies, sales people and estimators to quickly create project estimates that cover company's information, work description, labor hours and rates as well as all parts that are necessary. The form will also do all the calculations, so once all the data is entered in, the user can show a customer the total estimated cost in labor, parts, and the grand total.

The app is very easy to use. You can import clients from the address book or Excel file. No need to type! Use speech to text feature. Preview the Estimate prior to sending it to the client.

Don't waste your time on paperwork and join the thousands of construction professionals who are using this #1 app! It can be 100% customized to your company's needs. Utilize the app to win more jobs, improve customer satisfaction, avoid penalties, save time and money. The app has a 30-days free trial.

App features summary:

• Sync collected data across multiple devices
• Make project estimates quantifying labor, parts, materials and equipment
• Speech to text
• Evaluate the amount of work to be made
• Inform and agree upon the changes made to the project
• Report about the work progress
• Calculate total cost in labor, parts, and the grand totals of the estimates and reports
• Retrieve PDF forms of the estimates and reports and share them via email, SMS, or cloud drives
• Store all the data locally on the device
• Work in online/offline mode
• Get push notifications with relevant alerts
• Discuss any issues and exchange ideas on different topics

By utilizing the Job Estimator app you will have the following benefits:

• Creating estimates on the spot
• Speed up project estimation
• Win more jobs
• Improve customer satisfaction
• Avoid penalties
• Improve data accuracy
• Increase efficiency
• Optimize the workflows
• Save time and reduce costs
• Eliminate paperwork and go green

By downloading, you agree to the Terms of Use at

The Job Estimator app has a 30-days free trial. After the trial, you can purchase one of the subscription options.

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