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About Dental Simulator

Dental Simulator is the brand new way of learning dentistry, an application that helps you, dental student, to be better prepared before start taking patients.

It offers a whole new experience of practicing dental procedures. The app makes usage of a 3D model, making the interaction with the app much more real and stunning, giving to the dental student and singular way of learning.


The app provides, for each procedure available:


Which includes:
• Technique description: a reading material, where the student can read, learn and recall the theory of that technique.

• A Clinical Video: a video that the student can see a real procedures being made.

• A simulation video: a video of the technique being made in the app.

• Practice mode: where the student can train that technique with transparency, so the student can see through the skin and learn how to do the procedure.

The simulation mode is where the student will practice the procedure without the usage of transparency, making this mode closely to a real procedure.

In this mode, the user will have the most incredible simulation experience that a student could have. To have this, the student have just to download the trackers, so the device camera can plot the 3D models, and then try the mode with:

VR glasses:
With the VR glasses the simulation is elevated to the highest level of immersion that could be experimented through the app. The student gets totally in the procedure, and the simulation became as real as possible, giving to the student an unique experience that can be felt just by wearing the glasses!

Just the device camera:
Or the student can have a nice experience too just by making usage of the device camera, that is less immersive than the VR Mode but is also a great experience to the student that is learning and wants to have a deeper feeling of what is a real procedure.

Dental Simulator can be downloaded for free and the student can have a sample of the procedures, by trying our 3D model in the Sandbox Mode, in which the student can see and explore the mouth and also make usage of the transparency feature, seeing also the cranium of the patient.


The inferior alveolar nerve block is the most common type of nerve block used for dental procedures and one of the most difficult to learn. By having this technique the student can learn and practice, fixing the theory and improving their skills.

Local anesthetics reversibly block nerve conduction near their site of
administration, thereby producing temporary loss of sensation in a limited area.


More procedures, such as other anesthesia techniques, canal treatment, dental implants and more.

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