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About Chinese Calendar -

Chinese Calendar is a special calendar that allows you see both the lunar and solar calendar.

You may convert your birth date from Solar to Lunar and vice versa and retrieve a lot of useful information that affects you in the coming Lunar New Year.

- Convert Gregorian Solar Calendar to Lunar Calendar
- Direct input Solar/Lunar Date/Time to search
- Stem-Branch name of year, month, day and time
- Solar Terms date & time
- Animal Name of the year
- Chinese Festival

"万年历" 是一款专为Iphone和Ipod设计,具有优美的界面,人性化和易用的软件。本体软件可以查看每日的公历、农历、节气等等,并且支持很实用的公农历转换功能


- 公历,农历转换
- 可直接输入 西历/农历 日期/时间
- 年,月,日,时 干支
- 节气时刻
- 年份生肖
- 中国节日

Developed by Wen Studio.

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Chinese Calendar - Mod
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