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About Cash Receipt

If you receive cash payments, you'll probably be asked to provide a receipt at some point.

Cash Receipt app for iPad allows you to manage and send cash receipts very easily and quickly. The intuitive interface allows you to produce receipts in just a minute wherever you may be. Further, the app provides you with 2 receipt styles to choose from. Simply tab on the style and choose the one you like.

Simply tap e-mail, to send your cash receipts instantly and get paid faster. Alternatively, you can email the receipts to yourself. You can print the cash receipt on your printer.

You can also locally save the receipt as a file, and re-use it with minimal changes. Effective and timely coordination on financial matters has never been easier.

*********We have developed the Cash Receipt app to work on your computer too. For getting the app on your computer, kindly write to us at ***************

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