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Block Bros: Platformer Builder is very great Action game you need to play. Everybody knows to learn this game is kinda hard if we do not spend an individual buck there. That's the reason our company is giving free in-app purchase to both Ios and Android of your Block Bros: Platformer Builder account. Be the number one in Block Bros: Platformer Builder.
You do not need to download our Block Bros: Platformer Builder MOD APK in order to use it. All you need to do is to integrate your mail and your device should be ready to use.

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About Block Bros: Platformer Builder

Block Bros is a challenging online action game with features more of everything you love! Jump, climb, kick and dash through the ever-expanding selection of levels ! Stages can be created by YOU or your fellow players :)

You can generate URL for every level in the game. Share the link of your level to challenge your friends. See if they can beat it!


Play Levels

- Beat over 200 campaign levels!
- Beat user created levels to earn PlayerPoints and blocks!
- Time Attack Leaderboard available for each level
- Rate your favorite levels to support the creator
- Earn gems to unlock more playable characters!
- Earn PlayerPoints to grow your rank as a player!

Build Your Levels!

- Use earned blocks to make interesting levels and submit to BlockBros!
- Other players will give you stars, correct stars to unlock bronze/silver/gold rewards for each level
- Earn BuilderPoints to grow your rank as a builder!

Communicate with other Players

- Follow other players
- Comment on each level to communicate with other players
- Compete on per-level leaderboard
- Post your gameplay video online!
- Design your own emblems and gift them to other players


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Block Bros: Platformer Builder Mod
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