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About BlitzWord

There's an elixir shortage throughout the realm. Each kingdom has decided to settle their disputes by way of BlitzWord battle. Choose a hero to represent you in the BlitzWord Arena and start battling today!

A BlitzWord battle is a fast-paced word search game where each word you find deals damage to your opponent and each word your opponent finds deals damage to your hero! 

Damage is determined by the point values associated with letters of the word you matched combined with your hero's skill levels. So you'll need to match quickly but also match smart to maximize the damage you do to your opponent!

You and your opponent take turns back and forth finding as many words as you can within the turn's time limit.

You win the battle by reducing your opponent's health to zero, you lose the battle if your hero's health drops to zero.

Progress through various kingdoms, battling different enemies along the way
Earn XP to level up and make your hero stronger
Level up your hero's skills to increase Health, Attack & Defence
Find and use spells to turn the tide in battle

Have fun playing BlitzWord and good luck in the arena!

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